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Press releases
Swiss-based MET Group announces that Sándor Fasimon will join the company to head up the setup of MET’s Asian operations.
Learn about carbon dioxide quota, and a limit on greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. Companies and countries must abide by this limit.
There are big differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Pollution, extraction, transportation, and usage. Pros and cons.
Press releases
Dunamenti Power Plant, a member of MET Group, has launched an electrode boiler power-to-heat project, which will utilise excess green energy to produce hot water for heating purposes.
HR news
Three women working at MET Group tell us about their jobs and ambitions. From LNG imports to green future – meet Esther Ang, Violeta Angelova, and Carla Buchholz.
Articles (EN)
In a tumultuous world, all sectors are under pressure. But for the energy industry, the impacts are unprecedented. Europe in the grip of war serves to highlight our insatiable need for fossil fuels and with signs of global warming irrefutable and manifest, the pressure is on players like MET Group, to both deliver essential supplies now and deliver a clean new dawn.
HR news
She has always wanted to work in a technical field and now she enjoys doing a job that supports the energy transition. Maite Pereiro, Head of Production at Cogen España, sees more and more women working in the energy sector.


MET Group is an integrated European energy company, headquartered in Switzerland, with activities in natural gas and power markets.

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